Sligo Field Club Journal Volume 2 2016



Wendy Lyons, President, Sligo Field Club

Jim Foran 

The Ring Cairn on Moffitt’s Burrow, Edenreagh, Co. Sligo
Martin A. Timoney

The Bunduff, Co. Sligo, Four-poster
Martin A. Timoney

A Sand Dune, or a Barrow?, Edenreagh, Co. Sligo
Martin A. Timoney

“Found on the battlefield of Moytura”, A Note on a Polished Stone Axehead from Co. Sligo and its Mythological Associations
Donna Gilligan

The story of a Priest, a Cairn and a Bead: A Nineteenth Century Excavation in the Vicinity of Keash, Co. Sligo
Sam Moore and Johanna Callaghan

A Violent Death in Early Medieval Sligo,
Marion Dowd and Linda G. Lynch

The Location of the Historical Place-name Bradcullen and its Meaning
Conchubhar Ó Crualaoich

Collected Thoughts on the Salt Industry and Sligo: 1700-1850
Patrick E. O’Brien

Robert Young’s 1861 Map of Sligo: The Town Gas Network
Martin A. Timoney and Fiona Gallagher

The Coming of the Railways to Collooney and Ballisodare
Peter Bowen-Walsh. 

Gulls of Sligo Town
Michael Bell

The Damselflies and Dragonflies (Insecta; Odonata) of Counties Sligo and Leitrim
Don C.F. Cotton, 109-135. 

A Lived and Living History: The Yeats International Summer School, 1960-2010
Ian Kennedy

A Quernstone from a Millstone, Castlegal, Co. Sligo
Martin A. Timoney, Leo Leydon and Seamus Caulfield, 147-149. 

Polldownin (Polldingdong), Bears, Bones and a Countess Underground in County Leitrim
Marion Dowd,

Three Mid-20th Century Photographs of Buildings in The Yeats Quarter, Wine St., Sligo
Martin A. Timoney

The Hawkswell Theatre Site
Joe Meehan



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