Outing led by Mr Leo Leydon

Saturday 20th July leaving Sligo 8.00am from Teachers Centre on campus of ATU

Outing to include tour of defensive walls and visit to local museums

Bus cost €25  (excludes local cost of museums, tour, etc)

The earliest references to the history of Derry date to the 6th century when a monastery was founded there; however, archaeological sites and objects predating this have been found. The name Derry comes from the Old Irish word Daire (modern: Doire) meaning ‘oak grove’ or ‘oak wood. The City of Londonderry was the jewel in the crown of the Ulster Plantation. It was laid out according to the best contemporary principles of town planning, imported from the continent (the original street lay-out has survived to the present almost intact). More importantly, the city was enclosed by massive stone and earthen fortifications. It was the last walled city built in Ireland and the only city on the island whose ancient walls survive intact.


Leo has been a stalwart and former president of the Sligo Field Club. He has led many previous field outings. He studied Landscape Archaeology at NUIG Galway. He is a local farmer with an interest in history and archaeology.