Lecture by Dr Fiona Gallagher, Hazelwood Heritage Society

Saturday, 25th May at 11.00am

Hazelwood House Courtyard

Non-members of Hazelwood Heritage Society may pay on the day (note this is not a SFC talk). The talk will take place outdoors so bring suitable footwear and weatherproof gear

The Wynne family of Hazelwood, or Annagh as it was originally called, were of Welsh extraction. They claimed descent from a distinguished chieftain of the 12th century in Merionetshire. The first of the family to settle in Ireland was Owen Wynne who received a grant of lands in and around Lurganboy, and was succeeded in 1670 by his eldest son, Capt. James Wynne, who fought on the Williamite side at the siege of Derry, later at the Boyne.

Fiona will talk about the complex web of property transactions involved in the claiming and surrender of lands of a significant Gaelic family, the O’Connor Sligo, in 1640s, the transfer of these lands to the Crown and the subsequent acquisition of the lands by the Wynne family.


Dr. Fióna Gallagher is a native of Sligo town and has a long-abiding interest in the urban fabric and development of the town, and urban morphology in particular. She holds a PhD in History from Maynooth University, with a thesis entitled  ‘Re-housing the urban poor in Irish provincial towns 1880-1947; a case study of Sligo’. She is the author of the acclaimed The Streets of Sligo: urban evolution over the course of seven centuries‘, (2008)  and co-author of the Royal Irish Academy’s Historic Town Atlas of Sligo, (2014).  In December 2019, she wrote the Heritage Guide insert for Archaeology Ireland, entitled ‘Sligo, a historic urban centre on the Atlantic coast’. Between 2016 and 2018 she was a senior tutor in the history department of Maynooth University.